About Us

This is parentville - here to help you lead an inspired, balanced and well-rounded life by providing the necessary tools to really rock this parenting thing! We're here for every journey, providing exprienced support, guidance and advice to get you through every sleepless, messy and incredible moment - even the ones you could never expect. 

The parentville app and community brings enriching perspectives and credible guidance on pregnancy, postpartum, the early years and everything that follows. 

We are always looking for new qualified instructors and collaborations! Email us at info@parentvilleco.com 

Founded by Kristin Malta, a mom of four and inspired to create a judgement free community for new and seasoned parents. "It's important that new and expecting parents know they're not alone. There is a sense of unity when you can talk about issues you're going through and draw from others experiences. Thanks to our partnership and shared values with buybuy BABY our community has spread nationwide and is expanding into toddler years and beyond! I'm so proud of this ever evolving network." Parentville, formerly Mommy Mingle, was born out of a desire to meet new mom friends and build a supportive community.

Prior to becoming a mom Kristin had made headlines as a culinary star and Food Network Judge, with regular appearances on CBS, NBC, FOX and the Food Network. She adds author under her belt with the release of two books - Domestic Chíc, A Fashionably Fabulous Guide to Cooking and Entertaining by the Seasons and The Thinly Effect, fall in love with taking care of yourself.